This vehicle has been sold

This Earthroamer is for sale - $90,0000

What is it ?

  • 2008 Ford F550 Super Duty 6.4 Powerstroke Diesel.
  • Earthroamer Model XV #75 build late 2007 (called a 2008).
  • Current mileage 54,000.
  • Asking price $90,0000.

Why are you selling it ?

In June of 2017 we returned from 5 years traveling around the world in a different expedition vehicle/RV. We used this Earthroamer vehicle as accomodation and transport for our regular yearly, short, return visits to the US.

Now that we are back in the US fulltime and have our other adventure vehicle with us, we no longer have a use for this Earthroamer. We certainly do not need two adventure vehicles.

Why such a low price ?

I am glad you noticed that the price we are asking for this vehicle is somewhat lower than other sellers seem to be expecting. You might like to compare the prices of other used Earthroamer currently available - two examples are given in the links below.

There are reasons for the attractive price:

  • We are keen to sell, and do not want to hang around with the vehicle sitting on our driveway and deteriorating.
  • This vehicle is well loved, but also well used, and as a result has blemishes that come from use.

This vehicle has been sold